Mixed Breed Buck for Breeding – “Moses” (SOLD)

Mixed Breed Buck

3/4 Nigerian Dwarf 1/4 Alpine


Available for breeding Fall/Winter of 2023

Breeding Fee $200


“Moses” is 3/4 Nigerian Dwarf 1/4 Alpine

DOB  January 28, 2023

“Moses” should mature to be a little larger than a pure Nigerian. A perfect choice if you want to add a little size to your Nigerians and aren’t concerned with registration. He should sire colorful babies with nice temperaments and loads of personality. Adding a little size should make any of his female offspring be easier milkers and more productive milkers. His mother is a great milker with a huge milk bag. He is sired by our Registered Nigerian Dwarf named “Butter.” “Moses” is very beautiful with his snow-white color and tan and black highlights. He will be ready to breed in the fall and winter of 2023. Breeding fee $200.


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