Mixed Breed Doe for Breeding – “Sonnet” (SOLD)

Experimental Alpine/Nubian

Registered with IDGR


“Sonnet” (SOLD)


“Sonnet” is a sweet Experimental Alpine/Nubian doe, registered with IDGR (LONG CREEK SONNET). DOB 2011

She is the classic sundgau  color. Solid black with white markings. She is out of a very high milk producing Alpine doe and sired by a Nubian buck. She has the airplane ears that you always get with this particular cross breeding and has a strong Roman nose from her Nubian side. She is a great mother and a fantastic milker with a huge bag. She always produces beautiful babies. When bred back to an Alpine buck, her babies are very much Alpine. She is a seasonal breeder, an Alpine trait.

Known for its milk, the Alpine goat is famous for its rich dairy production. Alpine goats are extremely popular in the dairy industry for their docile temperament, high quality milk output, and long lactation.

While Nubian goats produce a smaller quantity of milk than other dairy breeds, the milk they do produce is very flavorful and has the highest butterfat content. The combination of flavor and high butterfat are two qualities that make it perfect for cheese production.


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