Registered American Alpine Buck for Breeding – “Trigger” (SOLD)

American Alpine Buck

Registered with ADGA


“Trigger” (SOLD)


“Trigger” is a young Alpine buck, registered with ADGA (LONG CREEK TRIGGER)  AA2314034 (SOLD)

The Alpine breed originated in the French Alps. Alpine goats have erect ears and a straight profile, and are described as being “alertly graceful” with the ability to adapt to any climate thanks to their hardy nature.

“Trigger” is out of our American Alpine doe named “IZZY.” He is sired by our American Alpine buck named “SMOKEY”. His DOB is April 16, 2023. He is young, but will be able to breed this fall season, 2023. He is growing nicely and is a real nice-looking buck. He has been handled daily since birth and is very people friendly. Trigger will be 6 months old mid October and 9 months old in December. By then, he should have plenty of height to breed any average sized doe.

Add some Alpine class to your herd with this beautiful buck. Chamoise with a nice black dorsal stripe and white accents. Disbudded.


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