Horse Pasture Boarding

Pasture Boarding

Our pasture boarding rate of $300 per month includes feed twice a day and periodic hay. Horses graze on our large pasture or stay in smaller paddocks or pastures as necessary; and we keep all horses with other horses unless we need to temporarily separate. (Please note that we are not set up to handle stallions).

We pasture board the majority of our horses because there are many benefits to pasture boarding. We are different from other farms in the sense that we limit the amount of horses that we take in for boarding to allow comfort and open area. Other facilities that are run more like a business and focus on boarding as much volume as possible. While we respect their position, we prefer to allow all of our horses as much freedom as possible. Our horses are free to roam around our pasture 24/7.

Stall Boarding

We also provide limited stall boarding, negotiable on an individual basis. This includes feeding as described above with daily turn-out on pasture. Our barn is not fancy, but we have used it successfully with our own horses for many years.

Horseback Riding

With over 65 acres of property for riding, you can adventure down endless combinations of trails and woods. Our pastures are cleared with scattered trees and we have wooded trails plus miles of rural roads available for riding. One of the nicer advantages of our farm is the ability to both store and ride your horse in the same location; eliminating the need to load and transport your horse elsewhere for pleasure riding.

Horse riding

50 ft. Round Pen

We have a 50 ft. round pen available for your use. Round pens are one of the most commonly used training tools in the horse industry today and we consider ours a “must-have” for the farm. Our pen is used for a multitude of tasks from lunging and training to temporary turn-out.

Round pen for horses

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