We get quite a few regularly asked questions about our farm. Please feel free to review some of the most common questions here.

Pasture boarding is what it sounds like, “boarding for horses in a pasture.” Horses, were they to run wild, would roam the plains and feed on grass in the open pasture. Stall boarding keeps horses inside of a limited area where they only roam, walk, and feed as allowed. There are of course differences to both approaches, but pasture boarding is the more natural way to board a horse.

While we do sell goat milk that it is perfectly suitable for human consumption, we do not sell it for that purpose. The goat milk that we sell is intended for folks that need goat’s milk for reasons such as they have a kid (baby goat) and do not have a doeling (female goat) available to nurse it.

Our pasture boarding rate of $250 per month includes feed twice a day and hay as needed. Horses can graze on large pasture or be confined to smaller paddocks or pastures as needed. Horses can be kept with other horses or separate as needed. (Not set up to handle stallions).

We provide limited stall boarding, negotiable on an individual basis. This would include feeding as described above with daily turn-out on pasture. Our barn is not fancy, but we have used it successfully with our own horses for many years.

If you still have questions, by all means please feel free to reach out to us and ask – we would love to be of help!

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