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Welcome To Long Creek Farms

Located near beautiful Crestview, Florida, we buy and sell goats and chickens, offer horse pasture boarding, provide farm fresh eggs for sale as well as fresh goat milk. (All the above no longer available,)

We have goat breeding available until these bucks are sold.. We have three Registered American Alpine bucks, one Registered Nigerian Dwarf buck, and one mixed Nigerian/Alpine to breed your females. See the Goat Breeding page. (ALL GOATS SOLD)

WE ARE RETIRING OUR FARM! We are no longer doing any business other than selling our horses and goats. (We can still do goat breeding for you as long as we have unsold bucks available.) (NO MORE BREEDING AVAILABLE)

Two Registered ALPINE BUCKS FOR SALE! See Animals for Sale/Goats for Sale (SOLD)

One NIGERIAN DWARF/ALPINE BUCK FOR SALE! See Animals for Sale/Goats for Sale (SOLD)

Two ARABIAN HORSES FOR SALE! See Animals for sale/Horses for Sale (BOTH HORSES SOLD)

Pasture Horse Boarding is Our Specialty

Pasture boarding is an economical option that offers you and your horse a number of benefits:

  • Your horse will be able to graze throughout the year, which is a more natural feeding atmosphere. Because he can consume his meals gradually, your horse will almost always have food in his stomach, reducing the chance of colic and development of ulcers.
  • With continuous access to a pasture, he’ll have increased activity. Movement is good for horses — it helps prevent obesity, and increases the circulation in your horse’s hooves.
  • Horses kept in stalls, separated from other horses, can cause boredom and anxiety. Since stalls aren’t natural for horses, some tend to stress when they’re kept inside for long periods. Pasture boarding may reduce his stress and boredom, and increase longevity. Our pasture boarding includes grain twice a day and hay as needed during the winter months.

 Horses Drinking

Experienced and Devoted to Animal Care

Larry & Sharon Lord
Larry & Sharon LordOwners
Larry has been running Long Creek Farms for about 20 years. Sharon recently came on board with her marriage to Larry in 2018. She is quickly learning the farm and is excited to be an important part of Long Creek Farms. In addition to the farm, Sharon works at Mattie Kelly Arts Center in Niceville, FL. Larry recently retired as Minister of Music at Crosspoint Church in Niceville, FL after 35 years of service there.
Lucas Lord
Lucas LordFarm + Animal Tech
Lucas Lord is Larry’s right-hand man and indispensable member of the Long Creek Farms team. Lucas is great with animals, passionate about the farm, and has over 20 years experience working with animals.
Wesley Lord
Wesley LordFarm + Animal Tech
Wesley is Larry’s youngest son. He is a valuable member of the Long Creek Farms team. Along with general handling of the animals, Wesley brings added skills in the care and health of the animals. He works as an RN as well as helping to run the farm.
FAMILY OWNED & OPERATEDCaring Farmhands at Long Creek Farms
Long Creek Farms is a family venture and will be kept a family venture. Larry’s sons and grandchildren all love working on the farm.

Larry’s sons, and daughter Lindy Hayes, along with grandchildren, Caiden Lord, Elaina Hayes, Angel Hayes, and Kevin Hayes, all love working the Farm. It is especially fun for the children during goat kidding season!


Meet a Few Long Creek Residents

Carol Lord with Goat
newborn goat
boy on horse
Goat Milk

If you have any questions about pasture boarding, goat breeding, the purchase of farm fresh eggs, or anything else, please feel free to give us a call or use the contact form on our website.

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